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Friends of the Haifa Symphony Orchestra Association

Mr. Reuven Maskit - President

Moshe Gan-Zvi - Chairman

Management of the Friends of the Haifa Symphony Orchestra Association

President - Mr. Reuben Maskit
Chairman - Dr. Elder Berkovitch                                               Professor Isaac Samuel
Finance - Mr. Baruch Shapira                                                  Dr. Gad Schaefer
CPA - Mr. Doron Mautner                                                        Prof. Udi Makov
Legal Advisor - Adv. Nimrod Bachar                                          Adv. Naumann Yoram
                                                                                             Mr. David Sagi
                                                                                             Mr. Harry Zesler
                                                                                             Mrs. Elisheva Bash - Sholmon
                                                                                             Mr. Tuvia Wieder
                                                                                             Mrs. Michal Feldhammer

Ladies and Gentlemen ,

Another year has passed Haifa booming with music,thrills , successes and new Achievements.

The Opera has become a fait accompli with international casting exciting productions . The Haifa Big Band series - continued to strike with  first class guest artists. The classic series were applauded by many The Classickids series continued to attract younger audiences like nectar the bees and The Bat Shir choir  joined the Haifa Symphony Orchestra. Finally, we refreshed our music series with a  new genre : " Israeli Song " presented to  a new audience previously not exposed symphony .

The subscription Circle increased this year, and the younger crowd is seen at the classical concerts, the opera and the Big Band performances. Successes are not obvious , and we are not satisfied yet. We dream to see more younger audience fill the concert halls .

Next season we expect a fascinating program entailing many surprises. We will host world -renowned artists in the calssic series, the opera and  and of course the Big Band perfomances.

Our activities will continue to focus on encouraging young audience to fill the concert halls, by attending schools and academic institutions in Haifa and its area,  and an unwavering support empowering the Haifa Symphony Orchetsra and its cultural activities.

Expanding the circle of friends is essential to strengthen the Haifa Symphony Orchestra and its blessed activities . We invite you to join the Friends of the Haifa Symphony Association and actively participate in our doing.

       Dr. Elder Berkowitz                                                                                Mr. Reuven Maskit
             Chairman                                                                                                President

                                     Friends of the Haifa Symphony Orchestra Association

To join the association Please contact :

Mr. Baruch Shapira

Dr. Elder Berkovitch